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Unicyclist Exonerated

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

As reported in the New York Post, Isaih Rosemond  appeared before Manhattan Judge John Delury who dismissed the ticket after having to read up on the the statute involved. The judge reportedly offered Isaih an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, or ACD. Upon learning that the accepting the ACD meant that he would have to stay out of trouble for six months in order for the ticket to be dismissed, Isaih refused to accept the ACD asking for a jury trial instead.  The judge being faced with this request actually read the law involved and determined that a unicycle is not described in the law. There is a more thorough article with deeper analysis regarding Isaih's trip to court written in the Simple Justice Blog.

Ken Springle - Ken Springle @ August 14, 2012

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Uptown Unicyclist Into The Spotlight

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

2011 Parade Day 09

New York Unicycle Club  member, Calvin Wright (right) and his his unicycle were highlighted in an article entitled Harlem's Unicycle Man Keeps Peddling written by Paul Smith. The article appeared in this weeks copy of the Uptowner,  a  local Manhattan newspaper that focuses on the neighborhoods of northern portion of the borough o Manhattan, New York. This article gives a snap shot into Calvin's life as a unicyclist in New York.  The photo at the beginning of the article was taken at the African American Day Parade that took place in Harlem, on Sunday, September 11.  At the parade Calvin was joined by seven other unicyclists. Five of the unicyclist were  fellow members of the NYUC in addition to the two unicyclist from King Charles Troupe that were mentioned in the article.  The eight unicyclist had a good time entertaining the crowd riding behind one of the floats.  Check out some of the other photos that were taken on the day  of the parade in this slide show on our Flickr page.

Ken Springle - Ken Springle @ October 20, 2011

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Special Unicycle Club Meeting for the Colbert Report

Saturday, March 19th, 2011
This special meeting has been prompted by the feud between Brooklyn's own unicyclist and juggler, Kyle Peterson and the NYPD. The feud began over Kyle being ticketed on November 10th, 2010 at 2:00am for riding his unicycle on the sidewalk. Kyle subsequently filed a three million dollar law suit against NYC and the NYPD. The people at the Colbert Report got wind of this feud and requested to come out to one of our unicycle meetings and  record interviews of some unicyclists. Our regular meetings did not fit into their schedule so we will holding a special meeting to accommodate them and just have an excuse to get together and ride. Read Kyle's blog: Unicyle vs NYPD for the story in his own words. WPIX , Channel 11 in New York interviewed Kyle regarding his encounters with the NYPD while unicycling. Below is the Youtube version of the story. NYC is fighting the law suit and has filed a motion to dismiss the law suit.  You can read the latest details of this saga in this New York Daily News article. So on March 26, 2011 come out be filmed and or interviewed for a future Colbert Report episode.

Ken Springle - Ken Springle @ March 19, 2011

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