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Best Photographs of 2013

Saturday, December 28th, 2013

After sorting through the over 1200 photographs uploaded to our Flickr page throughout the year. I have pulled together 130 of them to form the Best photos of 2013.  Just follow this link to see all of the photographs that have been selected for this album. In the featured photograph is Emily, who is quite an athlete as well as an unicyclist.

Ken Springle - Ken Springle @ December 28, 2013

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Best of 2012 Photos

Saturday, January 26th, 2013
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="337" caption="Best of 2012"]First of July 02[/caption] Check out some of what I have chosen to be this past year's best photographs that are in this Slideshow from our Flickr page. For this year I chose a photograph of myself. I find this choice to be ironic since I am the one who is usually behind the camera rather than out in front of it. In this photo I am riding my 36 inch unicycle on the day I received it. I had spent years flip flopping on the idea of having my very own 36 inch unicycle. For more than ten years I have been taking short rides on every 36 inch that someone brought to a meeting. I would like to thank Renie Cohen of Just One Wheel for taking this photo and allowing me to add it to our collection. The photographs that are in this slideshow are just a small portion of the photos that were taken this past year. Since I really do not always concentrate on taking photos at every meeting,  I am always amazed at how many I have taken by the end of the year. Each year it is so tough to reduce such a huge amount of photographs down to less than 150 of the best photos taken. I attempt to include the best photos of just about everyone that has attended a meeting or event throughout the year.  I also make an effort to give the viewer a sense of the breadth of events that have taken place. If you would like to see all the photos from 2012. You will find them all gathered on the 2012 collection page.You can click on each set and then click on the word "Slideshow" Throughout 2012 I have witnessed the popularity of unicycling continue to rise.  The participation at the unicycle festival this year was again tremendous. I hope this year turns out even better.

Ken Springle - Ken Springle @ January 26, 2013

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Sunday, January 9th, 2011

With over 1000 photographs that were taken at regular New York  Unicycle Club meetings it was quite  difficult to choose just 150 to be included in the Best of 2010 album BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, .  It was even more difficult was to choose just a single photograph to represent the entire year's worth of images.


Ironically with all that great unicycling images that I was able to capture throughout 2010, I chose this photo of Tysen practicing his stand up wheel walking skills at one of the December 2010 meetings.

Though it could be argued that I should have included them, Accutane 5mg, Accutane in cats, dogs, children, I decided to excluded the 247 photographs  that were taken at this year's Unicycle Festival. Many of those images were captured at our first Sunday of September meeting that was made a part of this past year's festival.

I attempted to include a variety of club of members who have attended meetings throughout the year, Fort Worth, Texas. Denver, Colorado. Canada, mexico, india, Amongst the photographs are many of the club members who have just learned to ride unicycle during 2010 by attending club meetings. Check out and enjoy the Best of 2010 slideshow and decide which ones are your favorites, Accutane 125mg. Where can i buy Accutane online, I encourage you to come out to our 2011 club meetings and get an image of yourself captured on our Flickr site.

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Ken Springle - Ken Springle @ January 9, 2011

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