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The resources on this page provide access to content regarding unicycle skills, equipment and events within the  the unicycle community.

We try to stay current and aspire to be comprehensive but the internet is always changing and growing.  We encourage you to let us know of any additional links that would be suitable for this page.  To report broken links or, to provide us with any new link recommendations visit our Contact page.

Visit this page often to keep abreast of new unicycling resources as we become aware of them.

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NYUC Links

Links to all New York Unicycle Club internet content outside of this site.

NYUC photostream on Though our meeting photos are available on our Photo page. You can also view our photostream directly on the Flickr website.  Content includes some video clips as well as photographs taken at club meetings. Photograph albums on the site are organized chronologically. Ken Springle began taking photographs at NYUC meetings using a cell phone  back in November of 2006.  In June of 2007  he upgraded to a 7.1 megapixel digital camera for taking better photographs.

NYUC on Flickr

NYUC video channel on Videos that are available  on our Videos page, are collections of clips recorded at NYUC meetings. This collection of videos reside on our YouTube Channel. You can visit the channel directly to view all of our video content as well as  interesting unicycle videos and video channels that we have linked to.  Becoming a Youtube member will allow you to subscribe to our channel.  YouTube subscribers are notified whenever additional video content is added to the channels they ghave subscribed to.


NYUC Google group: Join our group. NYUC Google group members will receive via email; meeting reminders, club updates as well as messages regarding special activities that may be of interest to club members. Unicyclist can subscribe to the group through the visit link below or, you can have David Stone add you to the group via email or at a club meeting.

Unatics nyc
Visit this group

NYUC page: Follow NYUC on Twitter. NYUC does have a twitter presence up and running.  We will begin sending out tweets as we get more participants. So, sign up and send us some tweets of you own.

NYUC group page: If you belong to the  social networking site, why not  join our group page.  We have additional links, photos, videos and, discussions not available on the NYUC website. The page is open for group members so you are invited to join and upload your own unicycle photos and video clips. You are also invited to initiate you own discussions as well as post links to interesting unicycle related content.  Also, do not hesitate to invite your Facebook friends  to join our group even if they cannot make it to one of our meetings.



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NYUC Members & Friends

Websites and / or Weblog links of New York Unicycle Club members and friends of the  NY Unicycle club

Adam Cohen’s

Adam Cohen club member sponsors his own trail rides on Long Island. Adam teaches unicycling and is available for unicycling parties.  He is the inventor of the Unitrainer. He is featured in the Youtube video entitled Unicycling in the Streets of Manhattan . From his website he sells unicycles and unicycle parts.


Bill Holloway's website

Bill site is dedicated to teaching teachers to teach unicycling.


Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus is traveling variety show. Visit their website for their calendar, bookings, youth programs and, the gift shop.

David Bagley's website

David Bagley webmaster, juggler and unicyclist. Known for riding his one of a kind unicycle the Crab Cycle built by Tom Miller of the Unicycle Factory The Crab Cycle rolls sideways as you pedal. He also known to ride double wheeled unicycles and does distance riding on his ultimate wheel.  Has a website that totes some of his talents and accomplishments. Check out  this video featuring David and his crab cycle on the club's Youtube page.

David Stone’s Blog

David Stone is the founder of the New York Unicycle Club, a level 7 unicyclist, a teacher and a volunteer firefighter. In his New York Unicycle blog, he writes about various happenings from various aspects surrounding his unicycle life. David regularly authors the meeting notes posted on this website as well as sending out email messages to our Google group members.


James Sui’s Blog

Club member, James Sui  a level 7 unicyclist and accomplished level 8 gymnast, blogs about his activities and anything else that comes to mind. Some of his ever increasing unicycle skills are highlighted in The Unicyle Thing James Version he has his own Youtube channel and also Facebook fan page.


John Foss’ Website

John Foss, friend of the NYUC was one of the first to put together a unicycle club in New York before moving to California. His website,  Unicycling .com that is dedicated to the sport of mountain unicycling.


John Stone’s Music

John is the brother of the NYUC founder David Stone. John is an accomplished pianist, composer and, music director. In addtion to all of that, he happens to be a long distance unicyclist. He has participated in many of the long distance European Unicycle Tours riding his 36 inch wheeled Coker unicyclist.


King Charles Troupe

Legendary performing unicycle group the King Charles Troupe  founded in 1968 is responsible for inspiring many people to learn to ride a unicycle. We have had visits from current and former members of the troupe throughout the years. Flash is required for viewing their site.

Kyle Petersen The Brooklyn Juggler

Kyle is a multi-talented  performer, juggler and unicyclist.

Mitch Butler’s Animation & News

Club member Mitch Butler is our webmaster for this website. He is a video animator. On his site are links to many of his published works including many that have been on various television programs.

Robert Hickman's Bridge tour Blog

Robert's group has as their mission to ride across every bridge in New York City.

Will Riley’s Youtube Channel

Club member Will Riley is a very talented street unicyclist. On his Youtube channel you can view his collection of unicycle videos that have been recorded in his home town, at club meetings and, at NAUCC.


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Unicycle Community

Websites generally devoted to the sport of unicycling.

Adventure Unicyclist At website that is devoted to distance unicycling. The following is their own words  describing what their site is all about. At Adventure Unicyclist, we are focussed on two main types of Unicycling….Road riding and Mountain-Unicycling (MUni). Road Unicycling, as the name implies, is about riding long distances on your unicycle. For those site visitors that are Facebook members there is a Facebook  fan page for their site

Australian Unicycle Society

Australian national organization of unicycling.


Corea Unicycling Association

Korean unicycling organization. This is their English language page for promoting the sport unicycling.


International Unicycling Federation

The body responsible for the international standards for unicycling.


Japan Unicycling Society

Promoting the sport of unicycling throughout Japan.

Japan Unicycle Society

New Zealand  Unicycle Federation Promoting the sport of unicycling throughout New Zealand. nz-federation

The Unicycle Blog

This is a web-log with postings written by Leo Vandewoestijne of tid bits of unicycle news from around the world.


Uni - The Unicycle Magazine

Uni magazine's searchable website has the most comprehensive unicycle events calendar in the world and you can submit photographs to win DVDs! Of course you can find out more about Uni -The Unicycle Magazine and buy subscriptions, copies and merchandise... You can follow Uni Magazine on their Facebook fan page.


Unicycle Lab

News, photos and videos mostly dedicated to Street and Flat Style unicycling.


Unicycle Tours

Listings of available unicycle tours throughout the world. If you are into riding your unicycle when you travel, look to this site for tours that are available to do just that.

Internet broadcasting and live streaming for unicycle events. You can also follow Unicycle.TV on Facebook via their Facebook fan page.

Unicycling Site

A site dedicated to supporting and promoting the sport of unicycling north of the border in Canada.

Unicycling Society of America

Organization formed to encourage and promote unicycling in the United States.

Website that is dedicated to providing links to the best internet resources throughout the internet for those that would like to learn more about the sport of unicycling.


Unicyclist Forum

Participate in communicating  and sharing with unicyclist throughout the world. You can view and  post questions, photos and,  videos relating to the sport of unicycling. You can do some additional participation by joining the Unicyclist. community Facebook fan page.

Union of UK unicyclist Site for organizing and promoting unicycling in the United Kingdom.


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Other Unicycle Clubs

Websites of unicyle clubs throughout North America and elsewhere

For information on which of these clubs are affiliated with  the Unicycling Society of  America (USA) visit the Affiliated Club Page. If you are a member of a club that is not listed here that has a website or contact information that would like to have listed here please forward your information to the club via email to Ken at the address located on the Contacts page. Additional unicycle clubs that do not currently have a web presence are listed below the following links with their contact information.

Unicycle Clubs without websites

The following unicycle club's contact information is provided for unicyclist that may be interested meeting other unicyclist in these areas. If they develop websites in the future we will happily provide their links above.

Atlanta Unicycle Club

Atlanta, GA Contact: Chad Groslags 3635 Brookwood Run Court SW Lilburn, GA 30047 678-357-7072678-357-7072 thebugman at gmail dot com

Berkshire Unicycle Club

c/o Dave and Sue Sacco Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA worldcup947222 at yahoo dot com

Black Hills YMCA Unicycle Club

Rapid City/Black Hills, SD Contact: Shawn Hayford shawn at rcymca dot org 605-718-9622605-718-9622

Boston Unicycle Club

Boston, MA Contact: Sam Haber sam at uneedfilms dot com 860-480-0814860-480-0814

Gulf Coast Unicycle Club GCUC

Pensacola, Florida Contacts: Stephen and Alex McCrory gcuc at cox dot net

Hutchinson One Wheelers

Hutchinson, MN Contact: Irene Genelin and Andy Cotter igenelin at gmail dot com or abcotter at gmail dot com

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Sell & Buy Unicycles and Accessories

Websites that market unicycles, unicycle parts, clothing and,  accessories. is not just for books and videos any more. Amazon sells unicycles, unicycle parts (good selections of tires, pedals and other bicycle accessories) and, every useful tool you can think of. Just do search for what you a looking for. Our links are to unicycles.

Bedford Unicycles

Unicycle sales. Located in Canada, their site is currently under construction. However you can download and view the current price list.


Bike Nashbar

Quality tools, cycling parts, cycling shorts, other clothing and accessories. Like Bike Nashbar on Facebook check out their Facebook Fan Page.

Bike Tires Direct

Quality tools, cycling parts,  accessories and, most important, tires. They have excellent prices on tires for your unicycle.

Bike Wagon

Quality tools, cycling parts, cycling clothing and  accessories.

Brands Cycle & Fitness

Bicycles, Unicycles and, Fitness Machines store.  They are a official dealer.


Cafe Press, Unicycle Merchandise

Custom Merchandise Printing company. Purchase Mugs, Stickers, T-Shirts, Hats, Clothing and other unicycle themed merchandise.

Compulsion Cycles Unicycles, unicycle parts and accessories.


Performance quality juggling equipment of every kind and unicycles sales. Like dubé on their Facebook Fan Page.


Website for purchasing athletic shoes and clothing. Unicyclist should consider their selection of skate shoes. Like Eastbay on their Facebook Fan Page.


Goudurix Located in Quebec Canada, this site is where you can order Qu-Ax unicycles, Juggling equipment, Slack line and, much more. Like Goudurix on their Facebook Fan Page.

Just One Wheel

A dealer where you can purchase unicycles and unicycle parts. Schedule a unicycle party or unicycle workshop in there one of kind balance facility. Like Just One Wheel on their Facebook Fan Page.


Kris Holm Unicycles

Check out and purchase the latest Kris Holm  branded unicycles and unicycle parts and  merchandise.


Local Bicycle Trader

Buy or sell unicycles and bicycles.


Mad4One manufactures robust high end unicycle parts and in based in Europe.

Modern Bike

Buy Torker and Sun unicycles and any other bicycle part, tool and accessory you can think of.


Light up your unicycle wheel.

Mr. Tuffy Store

Tire liners and tire care products.


Nimbus  Brand Unicycles

Nimbus' own website for their unicycle products.

Performance Bike

Quality cycling parts, cycling shorts, other clothing and accessories. formerly is basically an electronics site but happens to sell some really inexpensive unicycles.

Renegade Juggling and unicycling equipment. Features QuAX unicycles.

Semcycle Brand Unicycles

Semcycle brand unicycle and unicycle parts. Strongly recommend that you search for what you want on the site. Particularly if you are looking for parts.

Sun Brand Unicycles Sun's product line of unicycles.

Torker  Brand Unicycles

Torker brand's own website.

This is an alternative site for purchasing Mad4One unicycle products. They are some times more economical having a flat rate for shipping if you spend more than 120 Euros.

The Unicycle Factory

Order unicycle parts and customizations. This is the website of Tom Miller. He has built the two wheel unicycle with the wheels side by side as well as the Crab cycle the sideways riding unicycle ridden by NYUC club member David Bagley who is all so the webmaster for the Unicycle Factory website.

The premiere international online retail site for purchasing unicycles and unicycle hardware. Check their Dealer Locator page for a dealer in your area. You can like on Facebook via their Facebook fan page.

Unicycle Builders If you are building your own unicycle check out this site for individual parts. UNIcycle shop NZ Unicycle shop NZ is a online unicycle retailer based in New Zealand. unisnop-nz

Purchase unicycles and unicycle parts.


Unicycles on Craigs List

Listing of unicycles available for sale in the New York area listed on Craigslist


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Technical Unicycle Information

Links to website pages where detailed technical information regarding unicycling can be found.

IUF Achievement Levels International  Unicycling Federation skill levels. You can be tested by an official tester for your skill level. Motorized Unicycle Build your own motorized unicycling. Mountain Unicycling (Muni) Frequently Asked Questions Answering your questions about how to muni  and about muni equipment. Unicycle Care & Maintenance NYUC recommendations and tips on caring for your unicycle. The Unicyclopedia A online wiki for the sport of unicycling. Unicycle tips and Tutorials As the name implies this site provides a wealth of information about unicycle riding.  They even have a  section on obstacle building. Unicycle World Records Current world records associated with the sport of unicycling. Video of Skill Levels International Unicycling Federation skill levels demonstrated in video formats. Wikipedia on Unicycling Unicycling entry listed on A very good description of  unicycle facts and unicycle types with associated descriptions of the different segments of the sport.

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Links For learning To Ride

These are a sample of the links that can also be found on the NYUC Learn Page. How To Do Things Instruction for learning to ride a unicycle. how-it Instructables This "How to" website has a  interesting  and somewhat entertaing tutorials on learning to ride a unicycle and individual unicycle skills. Teach Circus Images and tips for learning to ride. teach Unicycle Tips and Tutorials Tips and tutorials as well and skill building. tutorial

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Tours and Events

If you would like get out and ride or socialize at events that involve unicycling here are a few websites for groups that organize events. Some events are not specifically  for unicycling but may either have unicyclist involved or just maybe unicycling friendly. Many unicycle clubs sponsor local events throughout the year. This section is mentions a portion of unicycle events that take place.  I strongly recommend that you check with local clubs in your area or an area that you intend to visit for information about possible rides and meetings. Arizona Annual Muni Weekend This is an annual event hosted by the  Arizona Unicycle Club in the Phoenix area.  It is usually held in February. Check the website for the latest information. Bike New York This is the site for bicycling tours that unicyclist can participate in around the New York City Area. They are most noted for the 5 Borough Bike Tour that occurs every year in May.

Mountain Unicycling in The Greater Los Angeles Area This site is for the Muni rider enthusiast interested in riding in the Los Angeles area. There are lists and directions of the many trails in the area.

North American Unicycle Convention and Championships (NAUCC) The name says it all. This event takes place in a different location each year. Check the website for updates and information on past events. Unicycle NYC Bridge  Tour Small group of unicyclist with a mission to ride across every bridge in New York City. You can join them in their quest. Check the website for the latest information.

International Unicycling Convention and Championships (Unicon)

This international event occurs every two years in a different country each year. Check the International Unicycle Federation (IUF) website for details and information on past events.

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Grant's Tomb Informational Websites

The NYUC meets twice each month at Grant's Tomb, We would like to give recognition and reverence to this historical site by providing links to websites that provide detailed historical information about Grant's Tomb. This site gives interesting historical information surrounding the building of Grant's Tomb. gtoverview Museum Planet Grant’s Tomb Tour This site provides a video tour of Grant's Tomb. mplanet National Park Service This is the National Park Service's official page for Grant's Tomb. nps-gov New York City Guide Grant's Tomb's page on the New York City Guide. nyc-guide-gt New York City Art Curriculum

This page gives a description of the tiled rolling bench that surrounds the Grant's Tomb memorial.  NYUC members witnessed volunteers restoring this mosaic work of art at during club meetings.

artworks PBS American Experience Descriptive information regarding Ulysses S. Grant's Funeral. globalnav_pbslogo Riverside Park Fund Riverside Park Funds description and information about Grant's Tomb. riverside-park-fund Wikipedia’s Grant’s Tomb Page Wikipedia's entry describing Grant's Tomb as well as some of the historical information about the structure and it's recent restoration.



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