2018 Best Photographs

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This years best of photos mark the first year of the second decade of recording photographs at unicycle meetings and unicycle events. While we have had less attendance at many of our meetings then I prefer, we have had many visitors to New York stop by and  ride with us. We have also had many unicyclists right from the New York area stop by, visit and ride with us for the first time. The 2018 New York City Unicycle Festival was tremendously fun as it has been each year of its existence. For the 2019 festival I vow to take better photos at the festival. Usually I am doing so many things at the same time at the festival that I cannot focus on photography.

For the 2018 album, I have chosen to recognize and highlight Callum Cooper Nissen.  I have witnessed Callum having a tremendously fun 2018 in the sport of unicycling. He would show up at a meeting and ride every unicycle available. At the 2018 Unicycle Festival, I don't think he gave a moments rest going from cycle to cycle of every type available.

Each year it has been difficult to restrict the number of photos to a reasonable number. This year was a little less difficult as I was being being much more discriminate in my selection criteria over a smaller amount of photos overall.  I was able to keep the selection down to just 125 images which is larger than last years 100 photos selection. I hope that you enjoy them. At your leisure, take the time to look at some of the other albums on the Flickr site . You can click on the above image or the following link to go to directly to a see a slide show of the entire Best of 2018 album. We now have so many best of albums that I decided to gather all of the albums into a Best of Collection. You can review all eleven of the annual best of albums.

Ken Springle - Ken Springle @ January 21, 2019

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