The 2015 New York City Unicycle Festival

That’s right unicycle enthusiasts!  It is time for the 2015 New York City Unicycle Festival.  This annual event produced by the Bindlestiff  Family Circus keeps getting bigger and more popular each year. This year it has been expanded to four days. It will be held from Thursday September 3rd – Sunday September 6.  Organizers of this festival aim to out do previous attendance records from past unicycle festivals. New this year is Thursday's big wheel ride. On Day one at 10:00am unicyclist who would like to participate with unicycle having 26"  or larger wheel will meet up at Battery Park. From Battery Park we will ride up the west side bike path and over to and around Central Park. But, the ride will not necessarily end there. Part two of the ride will continue over to the east side of Manhattan and ride back down to Battery park. Part two of the ride will take place mostly on the streets so if you are not comfortable riding in traffic you can opt out and take the subway back down to Battery park. Day two of this year's festival will be the annual celebration of Brooklyn Unicycle day. The celebration will commence with a unicycle ride across the Brooklyn Bridge. Many of the unicyclist will continue riding on a 13 mile tour through Brooklyn organized by the Unicycle Bridge Tour group. The tour will m make visits to Grand Army Plaza and Prospect Park then onto to our final destination of Coney Island via the Ocean Avenue bike path. Activities at Coney Island will be announced soon. All are welcome to join us at Coney Island for activities there. No unicycle is required to participate at Coney Island amusement park. Altogether there will be at minimum of about 13 miles of unicycle fun. All wheel sizes are welcome to participate in the ride across the bridge. However, a 24 inch or larger wheel would be highly recommended for the ride onto Coney Island. Quite a few unicyclists have completed the ride on a 20 inch sized wheel.  One rider has even completed the ride on a 20 inch giraffe unicycle. For those that do not want to ride unicycle all the way to Coney Island can take the subway and meet us there. Moving  forward to main festivities on Saturday and Sunday. You need only to hop on the $1 ferry over to Governors Island from either the Brooklyn or Manhattan ferry terminals to arrive between Noon to 5pm. Two consecutive afternoons  of unicycle activities including races, unicycle sport competitions, unicycling and juggling shows and Beginner and advance skills unicycling learning workshops. There will be raffles on both days and vendors available including Come on out and join the fun. As it is quite expensive to present these free activities I encourage every one to help support with donation of whatever financial support you can afford. While purchasing Tee shirts and raffle tickets is helpful a direct tax deductible donation to the cause goes a whole lot further. The activities schedule with few exceptions will mirror previous years festival so I will refer you to the event’s website for further details To reach Governor Island there are ferries leaving  from Brooklyn and lower Manhattan check out the ferry schedules and plan accordingly. Helpful event links: Additional detailed information can be found at the following websites. NYC 2015 Unicycle Festival  website for event details and Coney Island ride route map. You can follow some of the latest event developments on the Festival’s Facebook page. You are encouraged to invite your facebook friends via the Brooklyn Unicycle Day Facebook event page. The Trust for Governors Island website for island information including ferry service schedules from Manhattan and Brooklyn. National Park Service Governors Island web page for additional information about island events and directions. Governors Island Map.

Ken Springle - Ken Springle @ August 18, 2015

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