Visit to Just One Wheel 2015

For the fourth consecutive President's day, members of the New York Unicycle club traveled out to eastern Long Island to have a little fun riding indoors with Just One Wheel. Just One Wheel balance facility is located on the campus of the Driftwood Day Camp. As you know, this club does not have an indoor venue. So we are always stoked to be able ride indoors for a change. When better to experience that indoor riding fun but when there is snow ice and freezing temperatures outside. We did not have the opportunity to ride around the Driftwood Day camp campus because of the ice and snow. However, that did not diminish the amount of fun we had by one bit.  We are thankful to Adam, Renie, Ziggy and Ikey Cohen for continuing to invite us out for a day of unicycle fun. In addition to the Just One wheel and  NYUC members in attendance we were joined by Kip Jones of the King Charles Troupe. The Troupe is currently touring the country performing with the Ringling Bros. Circus gold group.  Kip having just completed his recovery and rehabilitation from knee surgery and was eager to get back on his unicycle. We were more than happy to have him riding with us.

Ken Springle - Ken Springle @ February 22, 2015

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