2013 Festival Complete

2013 BK Uni Day 20

The 2013 New York City Unicycle Festival was as fantastic a festival as years past. We had 69 unicyclist cross over the Brooklyn Bridge in celebration of Brooklyn Unicycle Day. Once across the group you see pictured above continued riding to the first stop at Grand Army Plazza. The ride did not end there.  We continued to ride through Prospect Park and onto Coney Island. Check all the photos that I took throughout the day and evening in the Brooklyn Unicycle day Album.

2013 BK Uni Day 38

At Coney Island we were joined by even more unicyclists, friends, family and jugglers who enjoyed a ride on the Wonder Wheel, a unicycle  and juggling entertainment show and topped off by the Friday night fireworks show. But the fun did not end there we still had two more days of unicycle fun on Governors Island.

2013 Unifest Sat 53

Saturday on Governors Island we had a host of unicycle activities that was just so much fun. We had a tremendous turn out.  We had a unicycle show and the Hell on Wheel trials course.  As always the learning center was busy throughout. Check out the photos that I took in the Saturday Unicycle Festival Album.

2013 Unifest Sat 06

Unicycle.com brought out their mobile unicycle trailer store. All types and levels of unicycles and unicycle parts were available for purchase.

2013 Unifest Sun 36

On Sunday we capped it off with even more activities including unicycle sumo wrestling, unicycle football demo and an unicycle pinata. Overall a good time was had by all and it would be hard to compare which of the four unicycle festivals were the best. I was so busy doing and seeing and conversing I did not get around to taking any where near the amount of photos for those of you that could not make it.  However, take the time to also check out the photos I did take in the Sunday Unicycle Festival Album.  I hope this gives you a taste of what goes at the three day Unicycle festival and I hope that many more of you can make out next year.

Ken Springle - Ken Springle @ September 8, 2013

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