BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Some of the uni folks at Governors Island, photo courtesy of Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

The First Annual New York City Unicycle Festival has come and gone. I took some time to chat with organizer Keith Nelson about how it all played out.  Here's what he had to say...

NYUC: What were the high points of the First Annual New York City Unicycle Festival?

Keith Nelson: So many high points were experienced at the first NYC Unicycle Festival, Anti Flu Face Mask pharmacy.  One of my high points started at the beginning of the three day NYC Unicycle Festival: seeing and being a part of 48 unicyclists crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.  The overall diversity of the event was spectacular, BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.   Riders of every type, New York. Los Angeles, California, age, and wheel size took part.

Still celebrating the fact on our first year of producing the festival we put together one of the largest gatherings of one wheelers in North America

NYUC: How many people attended?

The main event on Governors Island had 305 registered riders and a good number of renegade riders also took part. We also estimate that nearly 2000 people spent a bit of time spectating the events.

48 unicyclists took part in the crossing of the Brooklyn Bridge. The majority of these riders went on to complete the 13 mile ride to Coney Island, Anti Flu Face Mask snort, alcohol iteraction. And another 10 trials riders were waiting for our arrival at Coney Island.

Sunday at Grant's Tomb had an estimated 100 people.

Open riding on Governors Island, photo courtesy of Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

NYUC: What were the biggest challenges in pulling it off?

The biggest challenges of anything these days seems to be financial. BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Over the past five months I had to cut many corners. Purchase Anti Flu Face Mask online, With very little financial support from sponsors, lots of major favors were asked.

A major challenge and goal was to make sure that nearly 50 unicycle riders would be able to safely cross Brooklyn on one wheel. Knowing that many of the riders would not be familiar with urban riding, extensive preparations were a part of designing the route and making sure we had the support necessary.

On a personal level, El Paso, Texas. Washington, D.C. Seattle, Washington, the challenge was making sure that I could spend 15 to 40 hours a week working on the festival, knowing that the only compensation for this time would be seeing hundreds of people having the time of their life. Buy Anti Flu Face Mask without a prescription, Luckily, other work has been slow all summer.

The biggest challenge was out of our control: weather.

My main goal was to find some time to actually ride. And I did.

Governors Island, surprisingly close to downtown Manhattan, acheter en ligne Anti Flu Face Mask, acheter Anti Flu Face Mask bon marché.
photo courtesy The Trust For Governors Island

NYUC: How did Governors Island work out as a venue, BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.  Why did you choose it?

Governors Island actually chose us. In January I was quoted in the New York Times stating that NYC needed more access to bridges and roadways for unicycles. Fort Worth, Texas. Denver, Colorado, The good folks at Governors Island contacted me saying that they got a lot of two wheelers, but had never had any one wheelers on the island. I responded that NY had never had a unicycle festival. BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION,  And from there, a proposal was created and Governors Island offered us the island free of charge.  The staff and support of Governors Island made it an easy choice, buy Anti Flu Face Mask no prescription. The fact that it is car free and made for cycling also helped.

Freestyle/Street Trials demonstration on Governors Island,
photo courtesy of Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

NYUC: There was a hurricane heading up the East Coast the week of the festival. Comprar en línea Anti Flu Face Mask, comprar Anti Flu Face Mask baratos, Were you concerned?

Because of the threat of Hurricane Earl, I was checking the weather forecast every four hours starting nearly a week before the festival. Thus, I would say that I was concerned, Anti Flu Face Mask price. The weather was the one thing that could have negatively effected over five months of planning, BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.  Hope we can find a back-up indoor space for future years.

NYUC: How long have you been a unicyclist?

I have had two unicycles hanging on my wall for over 15 years. I would pull them down a couple times a year, Anti Flu Face Mask for sale, get frustrated, and stop practicing. Nearly two years ago I decided it was time to get serious and show myself that I could learn a new skill as I approached 40. Succeeded at both unicycle and reaching 40.

Festival Director Keith Nelson rides to Coney Island

NYUC: What is your background?

My organizational and van packing skills go back to the fact that I am an Eagle Scout.

My four years spent at Hampshire College studying Anarchist Theory left me with a degree that could only lead to a life of Cirkus.

I am a variety entertainer: circus, buy Anti Flu Face Mask from canada, sideshow, vaudeville, Order Anti Flu Face Mask online c.o.d, wild west. BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, I am co-founder of Bindlestiff Family Cirkus (the producer of the NYC Unicycle Festival). My other skills include juggling, sword swallowing, fire eating, Anti Flu Face Mask 125mg, clowning, knife throwing, Order Anti Flu Face Mask no prescription, and many more.

NYUC: Have your other skills made it easier to learn the unicycle. How?

As a circus entertainer I understand what it takes to accomplish an "impossible" feat. Practicing is a part of my daily life, so spending 15 to 60 minutes a day trying to go 10 feet on one wheel made sense to me, Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee. Portland, Oregon.  And now riding 40-50 miles on one wheel makes sense.

NYUC: How was the Festival paid for?

The festival was primarily funded by Bindlestiff Family Variety Arts, Inc., Anti Flu Face Mask 50mg, a NY based non-profit organization that, like most Americans, is struggling to survive the global depression. Mastercard and Visa will be the main ones profitting from this year's fest, BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.  We also had a few corporate sponsors who gave small contributions, Anti Flu Face Mask 200mg. It is difficult to get any major support on a first year festival.  We had a few individual donors who helped cover some of the costs.

And in the grand tradition of circus, Anti Flu Face Mask 1000mg, 2000mg, merchandise sales ended up being the primary thing that brought in necessary funds.

King Charles Troupe in action, photo courtesy of Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

NYUC: Who helped out with the festival?

The list of people and groups that helped make the festival happen is large.

One of my main co-conspirators is Rob Hickman. He is the other person behind the NYC Unicycle Bridge Tour. Rob helped organize the Brooklyn Unicycle Day ride and put together the Uni Movie Series that happened at Governors Island.

BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, The staff and volunteer crew of Bindlestiff were instrumental in making it happen. Over 15 years of making Cirkus happen was a good foundation to make one year of Uni Fest happen.

The Hell on Wheel Gang (based in Chatham, San Diego, California. Dallas, Texas. San Antonio, Texas, NY) has been helping fuel my one wheel obsession, and when it came to putting the festival together, Anti Flu Face Mask from canadian pharmacy, these are the folks I turned to to build the trials course, run games, and generally help out.

Since the first idea of creating the Unicycle Festival, The New York Unicycle Club has been a great resource, Anti Flu Face Mask over the counter. Many of the volunteers for the festival came through the NY club. It was through the NY crew that we met our logo designer (Michael Samuel), Indianapolis, Indiana, San Francisco, California, the housing coordinator (Tina Rosser), and many of the folks on the planning committee. The NYUC was very instrumental in getting the word out to the one wheeled world. And they were an excellent host for Sunday's activities.

Bindlestiff's involvement in the NYC Juggling community also provided a number of the instrumental figures who made it all happen including DJ Sky King and volunteer coordinator Andrew Peterson.

It was a privilege to have Kip Anthony Jones and the entire crew of King Charles Troupe involved.

And special thanks to all the lone-wolf volunteers who helped make it happen.

NYUC: What can you say about growing the unicycle community?

The amount of coverage will undoubtedly help the unicycle community grow, BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. There were a number of folks who took part in the festival that did not know that there were other riders around, japan, craiglist, ebay, hcl. Providing opportunities for people to try to ride will help it grow. I just wish we could have had a vendor or two at the festival so people could get excited about learning to ride and then be able to leave with the main tool necessary, Where can i buy Anti Flu Face Mask online, a unicycle.

NYUC: What do you have planned for next year's Festival?

We are already planning the 2011 festival. I anticipate 100 riders will take part on the Bridge/long distance ride. I would not be surprised if the main day brings over 500 riders to Governors Island.

I hope we can find the sponsorship necessary to bring a few international one wheel acts to the festival.

And we aim to offer a public show highlighting the talent.

BUY Anti Flu Face Mask ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Rolling to the Brooklyn Bridge.  On the right... it's Can Man!

NYUC: How would you explain the Festival to newcomers?

The NYC Unicycle Festival seeks to spread the one-wheel experience across North America and the globe, buy Anti Flu Face Mask online cod. Whether you are looking for a road to good health, a single wheeling life-style riding along the boardwalk at sunset, Anti Flu Face Mask withdrawal, or  an adrenaline junky's adventure, there is a wheel for you.  With the continuing growth of the festival and the greater unicycle community, we are anticipating a massive rise in unicycle popularity across the Big Apple and look forward to a day in which we have a one wheel lane on all bridges, kjøpe Anti Flu Face Mask online, bestill Anti Flu Face Mask online, uni racks at schools and the grocery store, and a "No Unicycling" sign on the steps of City Hall.

NYUC: Thanks, Anti Flu Face Mask 5mg, Keith!

You can find future updates from Keith at and at  Find out more about Governors Island here. If you want to help support the future of the NYC Unicycle Festival, tax deductible donations can be sent to Bindlestiff Family Variety Arts, Inc.

Keith was born in Massachusetts and raised in North Carolina.  He says he doesn't like "heights or stupidity" and that he loves "to entertain his majesty, the people.".

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