BUY Herbal Xanax ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Edmund "Eddie" Palao,  unicyclist from the UK found us on the internet and decided to visit us at our March meeting on the third Saturday of the month.


Along with the rest us he had a great time on this warm first day of Spring. He had such a great time watching, where can i buy cheapest Herbal Xanax online, Buy Herbal Xanax from canada, riding and networking with all of the other unicyclist that were present. He later created this painting, Herbal Xanax 125mg. Herbal Xanax in cats, dogs, children, In memory of his visit with the NYUC.

Eddie's Painting

If you are considering a trip to the  New York area, canada, mexico, india, Herbal Xanax over the counter, why not do like Eddie and plan your trip around the first Sunday or the third Saturday of the month so that you can stop by and visit with us.

These are just a couple of images captured at the meeting. You can view all of the photographs from both of our meetings in March, order Herbal Xanax no prescription, Austin, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee, 2010 on our site in this slideshow.

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Ken Springle - Ken Springle @ April 1, 2010

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