BUY Zanaflex ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, 28 riders showed up to take advantage of a lovely fall day.

One of the biggest (and tallest) hits of the day was Bob’s 5’ giraffe. It’s a well-built unicycle, Zanaflex 150mg, and that’s a good thing because everyone seems to want to ride it. Zanaflex coupon, XIA spent a lot of time on it (and eventually convinced her dad to buy one), and so did many others. Even BOB got to ride it a little, Zanaflex 1000mg, 2000mg. He’s one of the few people in the club who can freemount a giraffe, BUY Zanaflex ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. There are several ways, Kjøpe Zanaflex online, bestill Zanaflex online, but he does the climb-mount. I haven’t mastered that one, so I do the jump-mount, Zanaflex 100mg.

SPENCER spent time on that giraffe, Buy Zanaflex from mexico, too, and on lower ground he showed me that he can now idle. Way to go, buy Zanaflex without prescription, Spencer. BUY Zanaflex ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, My brother JOHN showed up on his Coker 36” uni as usual. Köpa Zanaflex online, Osta Zanaflex online, Jotta Zanaflex verkossa, JASON was able to reach the pedals, so he finally had a chance to zoom around on THE BIG ONE (as it is called), and of course, reasons to buy Zanaflex online, it was love at first ride. Zanaflex pharmacy, Now Jason is looking to buy a Coker 2nd hand. Jason also worked on riding down the stairs, tho not on the Coker, New York. Los Angeles, California.

Also riding on the stairs and pulling off many cool tricks was new member TYSEN, Buy Zanaflex no prescription, from nearby Hartsdale. He says that there is some good muni’ing to be done up there, BUY Zanaflex ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. I never knew.

We had some solid young riders on the day: EMELE did his usual amazing stunts and also went really high on that super-pogo stick that occasionally graces the Tomb, buy no prescription Zanaflex online. WILL also worked on some cool tricks, Where can i buy Zanaflex online, and as usual, they also ventured across the street to the playground there. And joining them for the first time was ERIC (14), Zanaflex in cats, dogs, children, who mainly rides vert (as it is called). BUY Zanaflex ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, He’s new to the club and has only been uni’ing for a short time, but he’s already quite good. Rx free Zanaflex, Eric’s dad, WILLY, is also a rider, Zanaflex samples, and he came out to ride a bit. Where can i order Zanaflex without prescription, Other dads included our great pal KEN (sans Darius) and ME (but with only one kid on the day because Emmett hurt his knee recently and is just now recovering).

As for me, I didn’t work on too much but did attempt that pogo stick a bit, order Zanaflex from mexican pharmacy. It’s kind of scary to bounce that high. MAEVE and I drove down in the Smart Car, so we could only manage her bike and three unicycles (ok, that’s more than you’d think could fit in the back of my tiny car), BUY Zanaflex ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Zanaflex price, She mostly zoomed around on her ‘new’ bike and also did quite well on her unicycle, tho she has not quite mastered it yet.

Our other big family of the day was PHYLLIS and her three daughters, where can i buy cheapest Zanaflex online, two of whom are riding. Buy generic Zanaflex, LAILA is getting used to the 20”, and MIA has just begun riding on her own. Well done, Zanaflex 125mg, girls. BUY Zanaflex ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, We had some new riders, as is usually the case. Online buying Zanaflex, MICHAL is just learning, as is ISABEL, who is 6, Zanaflex 50mg.

New member (long-time rider) MARKUS came by once again and has begun talking about riding in next year’s Turkey Day parade. Zanaflex 625mg,650mg, That could be a lot of fun. It usually involves many tall unicycles, a real crowd-pleaser, San Diego, California. Dallas, Texas. San Antonio, Texas. Others in the new-member/long-time rider category were ERIC L of Park Slope, who rode years ago, and CHARLES, who started riding in the mid-70s but stopped for a long time, BUY Zanaflex ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Charles showed up on a sweet, Where can i find Zanaflex online, new KH 24”. Ken had been trying to convince him to join us for some time, and now he’s back in the saddle, Baltimore, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Another of the long-time riders was ANDY (working on high-level skills and also on those weird one-wheel skates of his). Fort Worth, Texas. Denver, Colorado, It was also nice to see our good buddies IRA and ZACH (the grizzled), both of whom have made good progress in the past year or two. BUY Zanaflex ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, We had an overdue visit from our old friend CRISTINA and a first visit from new friend CONNIE, who joined us all the way from Massachusetts.

JIM came by to ride with us once again. Much of our riding was captured digitally by our pal JOEY, who was filming us for part of a movie he’s working on. It’s about unicycling, and it focuses on our club and on last year’s Nova Scotia race, “Ride the Lobster” (which I participated in).

Let’s hope the weather holds up this weekend – the forecast is somewhat bleak. Normally I’d have ignored this info, but we’ve had bad luck this year, so I hope that changes.

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