BUY Barbital ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Saturday, January 17, 2004 -- Meeting at Grant's Tomb

A handful of complete Unatics came out today for an afternoon of riding in the snow.

The Tomb wasn't completely covered with snow, Barbital 5mg, as I'd feared. There was a concrete path running down the quadrangle towards 120th St, and the entire area in front of the stairs was clear, where can i buy Barbital online, too. Barbital 250mg, We shoveled some of the remaining snow to make for some challenging riding and some good landings below the stairs. And wheelwalking wasn't as impossible as I'd expected.

On the scene when I arrived were Dave Lowell (D5), David Bagley (D4), and our young friend Edwin, BUY Barbital ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. D5 spent the afternoon trying the Super Trick Cycle (STC) -- but then again, Barbital 800mg, 875mg, 900mg, who didn't. Canada, mexico, india, He also rode around on his 29" uni and even on his Coker. Dave also enjoyed some delish pizza from Koronet (sorry, Peter!) which I'd gotten along the way, 400mg, 450mg.

The other pizza eater was D4, Barbital from canadian pharmacy, who amazed us all by riding effortlessly in the snow on his ultimate wheel. BUY Barbital ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Well, ok, it may not be completely effortless, but he made it look a lot easier than it is. D4 also got addicted to the STC -- I may need to get another one of those so that the club can have two. Dave even braved the stairs on his muni, online buy Barbital without a prescription. Well done, Kjøpe Barbital online, bestill Barbital online, David.

Edwin's itinerary for the afternoon was much the same as D4's only with the emphasis placed on the stairs rather than the UW. Edwin and I tried hopping up and down the snowy stairs, and some of the best fun we had was trying to hop all the way down the four stairs at once, BUY Barbital ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. It wasn't too hard, San Diego, California. Dallas, Texas. San Antonio, Texas, but once we'd landed, Order Barbital from mexican pharmacy, we couldn't go anywhere because the snow was too deep.

We had relatively short visits from the younger crowd. Emmy, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina, her older sister Becky, Buy Barbital without a prescription, and their mom, Maggie, stayed with us till the cold penetrated their gloves, Barbital 625mg,650mg. In fact, Buy no prescription Barbital online, with all the times Emmy landed on her backside in the snow, she may have gotten a bad case of 'frostbutt.' Emmy was seen zooming around on the STC and riding around on her 16" uni, but the ladies left Emmy's giraffe at home, purchase Barbital online. BUY Barbital ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Becky has almost mastered the basics now and is close to passing level 1, and her mom is almost as far along. Maggie also helped Edwin on the BC wheel, Barbital over the counter, resulting in a beautiful spill for both of them.

The younger crowd today also consisted of James and his mom. James tried a few tricky trials moves, Barbital samples, like the stairs, Buy Barbital online no prescription, and also rode around on a few unicycles before the cold got to the both of them. Bonnie got on a unicycle again but didn't get far today; it was too small. Thanks for coming out, BUY Barbital ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

We had a really quick visit from Joyce, köpa Barbital online, Osta Barbital online, Jotta Barbital verkossa. She was mostly interested in fixing the peculiar condition of her unicycle: She had accidentally put one of the cranks on at a 90 degree angle relative to the other. Barbital 75mg, This means that her unicycle looked like a clock showing not 6 o'clock but 3 o'clock. This made some interesting riding (nearly impossible), but I quickly fixed it for her, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Las Vegas, Nevada, and then she was on her way practice. BUY Barbital ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, She needs to learn to ride proficiently by the end of May as part of a personal challenge. Buy generic Barbital, Keep at it, and thanks for coming by, Joyce, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Phoenix, Arizona. It was good to see you again. El Paso, Texas. Washington, D.C. Seattle, Washington,

Ken I was around for most of the afternoon, too. He managed some long rides down the clear strip of the Tomb 'ramp' and tried the STC a bit, Detroit, Michigan, San Jose, California. Ken decided, however, that he's not really cut out for snowy days, BUY Barbital ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Thanks for joining us, Buy cheap Barbital no rx, tho.

Peter rounded out the visitors-on-unicycles today. He rode up from the epicenter of unicycle activity that is the Upper West Side (there are about 8 riders on his block), japan, craiglist, ebay, hcl. Too bad his kids couldn't join him -- they could have watched their dad try a ride down the snowy stairs. BUY Barbital ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Great job, Peter. Barbital 200mg, He also tried the STC and showed excellent progress.

As for me, I got a bit better on the STC (I can now ride backwards in little circles, Barbital for sale, which is a lot easier than it sounds) and a bit braver with drops (thanks to the snow). I was able to wheelwalk despite the snow, probably because my sneakers and tire have good traction. And like Ken, I took the BC wheel for a whirl, but I never made it further than about 20 feet. But my best time was going down those stairs with Edwin, BUY Barbital ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

It was great to see the 11 of you out there, and I hope we can triple that number next week at the party. Please let me know if you need the directions again.

David  .

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